Contact Registers introduced to Chapman Valley

Published on Saturday, 28 November 2020 at 2:06:26 PM

Contact Registers introduced to Chapman Valley.

From 5 December 2020 the Shire of Chapman Valley will be implementing contact registers at our facilities in line with the State Government's mandatory contact tracing requirements.

This a community wide requirement for businesses and premises. The Shire, along with others, will be required to maintain mandatory contact registers for staff and patrons from Saturday December 5 for the purpose of Department of Health COVID-19 contact tracing.

Businesses or venues required to keep a contact register include:

  • food and licenced venues (restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, taverns, nightclubs);
  • gyms, indoor sporting centres and pools;
  • places of worship and funeral parlours;
  • beauty and personal care services including hairdressers and barbers;
  • galleries and museums;
  • cinemas, theatres and other entertainment venues;
  • auction houses and real estate inspections;
  • community facilities, libraries and halls;
  • zoos and amusement parks;
  • function centres; and
  • accommodation facilities that already have check-in arrangements in place (i.e. hostels, hotels, large camp grounds).

All Shire facilities, including community centres, halls, sporting facilities, the library and large campgrounds will participate in contact registering visitors. Visitors and patrons will be asked to provide details of the location, date, name, telephone number and arrival time at each facility. Email addresses are optional.

The Shire must keep these details for 28 days. All information will be stored confidentially and securely.

If COVID-19 is detected in the WA community, contact registers will help to protect residents by enabling the WA Health Contact Team to quickly identify and assist anyone that may have been exposed to COVID-19.

The State Government has developed a free app, SafeWA, which will enable a digital contact register system. Where a digital option is not available, visitors and patrons will be asked to complete a hardcopy register. SafeWA is an efficient and safe way to record patron and visitor contact details where they can check-in, using the app.

Individuals can download the SafeWA app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and follow instructions from the State Government here: Setting up the SafeWA App

All information from the State Government relating to COVID19 is available here:

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