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Working from home with kids

Where possible, it’s important to keep your children active and moving whilst at home.

Talking to children about coronavirus

This information has been sourced from Head To Health.

Talking with your child about coronavirus (COVID-19) can help your child understand and cope with what’s going on. Here’s how you can start a conversation:

  1. Make time to talk – find the right time and give your child your full attention.
  2. Find out what your child knows – start by asking your child what they know about the virus and if they have any questions.
  3. Explain coronavirus in a way your child can understand – use a calm, reassuring tone and stick to the facts. Keep it simple for young children.
  4. Tune into your child’s feelings – ask your child how they’re feeling and listen to what they say.

It’s important to monitor how much media coverage about coronavirus you and your child are seeing. If you have the facts you need, try to switch off or switch to something else to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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